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Used Yamaha pianos, just as good as new!

Our store specializes in the purchase and resale of used pianos like Yamaha and people do realize the benefits of a used Yamaha piano made in Japan versus a new one made somewhere else. Most people feel a used Yamaha piano is inexpensive because a new one, like the professional U or C series are really expensive. Used Yamaha pianos are therefore a very good option.

The labor factor.

Good Yamaha U and C series pianos are made in Japan. Most Yamaha pianos that are new are manufactured off shore in developing countries where the labor is cheap and quality control is not the same as in Japan.

The building cost factor.

The price of good materials always goes up, therefore these days there are a lot of low quality parts in new pianos and therefore used Yamaha pianos of high quality are a good option.

The end result.

Used Yamaha U, C and S grand and upright pianos we import are made in Japan will last long as they are built with high quality workmanship and components, providing they have been checked for defects, regulated and voiced well.

The depreciation factor.

New Yamaha pianos are often sold at a 40% mark up. This means the moment you walk out of the store after purchasing a new Yamaha piano you lose half of the value as the dealer will not buy the piano back as used where they can purchase a new Yamaha for say, 10% more.

The cure factor.

All Yamaha pianos have wood, older ones have lots of good wood and even new ones have it, although sometimes hard to find. New pianos have more problems than used ones, because wood needs to cure and will expand and contract for some 10-20 years. A 15-40 year old Yamaha piano therefore is ideal as the piano is very stable and usually well built.

The investment factor.

A good used Yamaha piano can be had for around 50% of the price of a new one and will therefore not depreciate like a new piano. As a matter of fact, after a little while the piano will start to appreciate in value if take care of.

The warranty factor.

Although used Yamaha pianos might be half the cost of a new piano, it is still a lot of money. A long warranty on parts and labour should therefore be expected and requested by you, the customer.