Recognizing that God observes every transaction we engage in, it is imperative for us to conduct ourselves in a manner that is both pleasing and morally upright to Him, as well as to you, our valued customer, and to our own integrity. By aligning our actions with these principles, we strive to ensure that our deals are not only ethically sound but also in harmony with our commitment to providing the utmost satisfaction to all parties involved.


Focus on the Customer, First


At Manila Pianos Inc, our utmost priority is delivering an exceptional experience for our customers. Whether we're working on a new or used piano, our meticulous attention ensures that it will ultimately fulfill your needs and desires, surpassing our own internal goals or financial considerations.



Be the Best at What We Do

Our core values revolve around commitment, convenience, and assisting you, our valued customer, in applying our expertise to your shopping experience. We are driven by a genuine passion to offer you top-notch products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. Our team works relentlessly to ensure that we deliver on these commitments, striving to provide you with the best possible outcomes in all aspects of your interaction with us.


Build Relationships

Our focus lies in cultivating meaningful relationships by consistently going above and beyond, taking the necessary steps to ensure that you, as well as your friends, receive the utmost value for your investment. Ultimately, what truly matters to us is the ability to exchange a warm handshake and meet our customers with a sense of pride, knowing that our actions have spoken louder than words.


Making Money the Honest Way

ManilaPianos Inc. operates as a business, generating revenue through the sale and servicing of our products worldwide. We firmly uphold the principle of refusing to take any shortcuts. Our products have gained the trust of hundreds of end customers who recognize them as exceptional and equitable solutions to their musical requirements.


Build Trust, earn it and Keep it

At ManilaPianos Inc., we prioritize hiring employees and establishing strong relationships with individuals we can rely on. This trust is built upon mutual respect, ethical business practices, transparent communication, and a commitment to always prioritize the well-being of our end customers, even if it means bearing the cost when things don't go as planned.


Be Close to Our Customers, All the Time

Building and nurturing enduring relationships necessitates our close proximity to customers, allowing us to understand the markets we serve, identify our strengths and weaknesses, and envision the future trajectory of our organization. This enables us to better cater to the diverse needs of everyone we serve.


We take the Long-Term View

Our unwavering determination lies in embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and advancement. We consistently strive to strengthen and sustain our organization by introducing new and exceptional products to the market. By tackling obstacles head-on, we aim to forge a resilient and thriving entity that will outlast its competitors.


Being Great Just Isn’t Good Enough

At ManilaPianos Inc., our unwavering aspiration is to excel in service provision. We set achievable objectives that align with our customers' expectations, ensuring that we deliver nothing less than the best. Through initiatives such as organizing concerts, we seek to not only see you return with a smile but also to establish ourselves as the pinnacle of excellence in our field.


Help You to enrich Your life

Our desire is for you to become our cultural partner. We believe that personal greatness is cultivated through enriching experiences in the arts, and music is our specialty. Without you, our valued customer, we recognize that we would not exist. Therefore, we extend an invitation for you to not only become our customer but also our partner in sharing your positive experiences with all your friends, allowing us to collectively celebrate the joy of music and its transformative power.

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