God sees every deal we make, so we might as well make deals and behave in such a way that they are pleasing and correct to Him, to you the customer and to ourselves.


Focus on the Customer, First

We are focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers. When we’re working on a piano new or used, we take great care to ensure that it will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goals or bottom line.


Be the Best at What We Do

Our business is about dedication, being easy to do business with and helping you, the customer, apply our knowledge to your shopping, we are passionate about wanting to provide you with the best products, the best possible service and best possible price, we work tirelessly to do so.


Build Relationships

It’s all about the relationships we’re building, by going the extra mile, and doing what it takes to ensure that you, and ultimately all your friends obtain maximum value for your investment.  At the end of the day, it is important for us to know we can share a friendly handshake when we meet and look our customers in the eye with pride because our actions speak for themselves.


Making Money the Honest Way

ManilaPianos Inc. is a business. The revenue we generate is derived from the sale and service of our products around the globe.  We refuse to take any shortcuts. Hundreds of End Customers buy our products because they are great and fair solutions to their musical needs.


Build Trust, earn it and Keep it

We hire employees and establish great relationships with people that we can trust. This trust is based on mutual respect, good business practices, honest and direct communications and always doing good for our End Customer, even when we have to bear the cost when something goes wrong.


Be Close to Our Customers, All the Time

In order to build and maintain long lasting relationships, we need to be close to our customers, understanding the markets we serve, where our strengths and weakness lie, and what we envision for the future of our organization, so that we can better service everyone's needs.


We take the Long-Term View

We strive to face challenges head on, and see them as opportunities for improvement; always focusing on building a stronger and sustainable organization that will still be standing when the others are not by bringing and creating new good products to the market.


Being Great Just Isn’t Good Enough

At ManilaPianos Inc. we always aspire to being great at service. We set ourselves objectives we know we can reach, because we know that the customer expects it from us. We aim to be the very best in what we do and we know you expect nothing less. That's why we organize concerts and want to see you back all the time, with a smile.


Help You to enrich Your life

We want you to become our cultural partner. Being great as a person needs enriching your life though the arts, and music is our specialty. Without you, the customer, we are nowhere. We realize that and therefore we want you to not only become our customer but also our partner in sharing your positive experiences with all your friends! Back to front page.