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Why buy from us?

  • (Grand)Pianos, harpsichords, digital and pipe organs is all we do.
  • Our STEINWAYS and YAMAHAS are 50% less expensive than new ones.
  • We import PEARL RIVER PIANOS,best priced and most sold pianos in the world.
  • No quality compromises and no falsified pianos!
  • Best warranties in the country.
  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Piano rental department.
  • In house moving, packing, delivery and technical staff.
  • Piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • Asia's  best selection of pianos and grands. (+100 units)
  • Piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • World wide delivery.
  • Best service anywhere.

So why go anywhere else!

Our Warranty

We are pleased to offer a minimum full  warranty  on all parts and labor for every new or used piano we sell.  Whether purchasing a new  piano or a used  grand piano, all our acoustic pianos are regulated to the highest industry standards of precision and quality. This way, optimal performance of the instrument is ensured. We are pleased to issue long warranties against any possible defect in workmanship and materials in our piano.

Please refer to our "Warranty Certificate" when purchasing a piano as to the length of the warranty as they might vary.

If any defect in workmanship or materials on pianos sold by us is found after delivery, an authorized representative from ManilaPianos Inc. will repair the defect within a reasonable period of time at no cost to the warranty holder. All parts are guaranteed, if the following conditions are met:

  • The owner needs to present both the warranty certificate and the original bill of sale.
  • The owner must allow ManilaPianos Inc. to make the necessary inspections to verify the defect.

If the piano cannot be repaired within our tolerance levels, the customer agrees to accept an equivalent replacement piano. The customer will pay the cost of re-crating and shipping the replacement piano.

Conditions not covered by warranty

  • Normal regulation, tuning and voicing;
  • Any damages caused by abuse, neglect, modification or accident, including improper tuning and regulation;
  • Warping of cabinet parts and sticky keys resulting from excessive levels of moisture or dryness;
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Any piano from which the model number, serial number or trademark has been altered or removed.

Owner's responsibilities  

The owner must keep the warranty certificate and the original bill of sale to validate full warranty coverage. We will require you to present these two items before repairing your piano.

  • Properly maintain your piano with regulation check-ups at least once a year by a properly trained tuner/technician. Save your original tuning receipts to validate full warranty coverage. Being unable to produce these receipts upon request by us will result in the nullification of this warranty.
  • Follow the instructions for proper care and placement of the piano which are detailed in this pamphlet.
  • All pianos are purchased and received in the condition they are in at the time of sale. Any future repairs to the exterior of the cabinet are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 
  • The humidity level in the room where the piano is situated should be between 35 and 50 percent.