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  • (Grand)Pianos, harpsichords, digital and pipe organs is all we do.
  • Our STEINWAYS and YAMAHAS are 50% less expensive than new ones.
  • We import PEARL RIVER PIANOS,best priced and most sold pianos in the world.
  • No quality compromises and no falsified pianos!
  • Best warranties in the country.
  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Piano rental department.
  • In house moving, packing, delivery and technical staff.
  • Piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • Asia's  best selection of pianos and grands. (+100 units)
  • Piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • World wide delivery.
  • Best service anywhere.

So why go anywhere else!



Hi Willem:

Thanks again for letting me discover the treasure of your pianos!  That 1886 Steinway was truly special; in fact, if only I had the money for it, I would buy it myself!  I know you have much more coming in, but I am interested to hear the full potential of that 1901 Steinway D, after it has had a chance to settle in and be worked on.
After the concert, (June 11/2014) apparently someone from CCP was asking Jeffrey Solares what he thought of their piano.  I wasn't there; I would have said that the fact that they are asking is troubling.
Anyway, now that you guys are in Manila, I really hope that the CCP and other people can eventually appreciate your expertise in restoration, because that is probably the best bet they can avail of.  As I mentioned to you, I did write to the CCP back in 2009 making suggestions for fund-raising efforts to purchase new pianos.  Nothing came out of it, but perhaps I'm sensing that restoration might be the better option for them.
I'll send another email introducing you to Olivier Ochanine, the Music Director of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.  He has just invited me to play with them in September.
Thanks and regards,

Albert Tiu, Concert Pianist, Associate Professor of Piano, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore.


Dear Willem:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to choose the right piano for us. The personal attention and customer serice you have extended to us in impeccable. I have to admit that narrowing the choice from a Steinway & Sons Model A,C,M,O,L,S, Mason & Hamlin and Bosendorfer was a challenging task.

We believe that because of your wide range of choices and your personalize customer approach your company's presence in the Philippine market will surely make a difference, totally challenging and redefining the piano selling experience in the Philippines.

Good luck and more power. We sincerely believe in your passion to help educate the Filipinos by providing the necessary tools, skills and training in this kind of field and to which we cannot repay you back. I was able to purchase a Steinway semi concert grand.

Yours very truly:

CB, Meg and Mari Rivilla, June 26/2014


Dear Manila Pianos:

A treasure found in Manila! Manila Pianos is truly the best piano shop there is in the Philippines with the best quality pianos from Steinway to Yamaha whether it be newly tuned or restored antique instruments. I have not found any shop of such high quality pianos, not to mention their extremely capable, knowledgeable and friendly staff who actually know what they are doing! They've got the best technicians to ensure the best after service to maintain the performance of your instruments. Seeing is believing! You have to see it with your own eyes. So make a trip there, you would wish you should have gone earlier...

WenQing Song, Pianist 2015


Dear Willem:

I highly recommend this piano store! Used pianos but amazingly refurbished by the masters, so instead of buying expensive brand new pianos, go buy it from Manila Pianos and save a lot of money.:) Cheers to MANILA PIANOS!!!!

Arthur Manuntag, March 2015


Dear Willem:

Manila Pianos is not only a superstore of pianos but the quintessence of piano superstores, even compared to those in New York City! I fell deeply in love with their 1904 Steinway concert grand, playing on it past closing time, that I had to be forced to stop playing on it by security handcuffing me & was escorted to leave the building! (haha - just kidding!) But seriously, if you are someone who is inclined to make Piano Performance your career and intend to buy a piano not just as a piece of furniture to be displayed in your mansion, the pianos they have will fit your hands like a glove. Trust me, I know pianos! ;-)

Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz, Concert Pianist, Ang Misyon. 2015


Dear Willem:

Manila Pianos is a treasure box of many beautiful and exquisite instruments: Steinway, Bösendorfer, Mason Hamlin and event harpsichord! Other brand name instruments such as Pearl River Piano, Yamaha and Kawai are also available. All instruments are beautifully maintained. Buyers have many choices to select. It's truly the most amazing piano shop in the Philippines!

Chi-Ying Hung, Pianist and Piano Teacher, March 2015


Dear Willem:

For the past 35 years, I've been supporting my family by working as a piano tuner technician and I must say that it is really my passion. In Manila Pianos, I've seen branded and quality pianos and I'm so impressed. Manila Pianos is the most trusted by the well known musicians and great composers especially in major concerts. We are so blessed to have this best piano store in the Philippines, The Manila Pianos!

Roberto Capistrano, Piano Technician, formerly Lyric.


Dear Manila Pianos:

Fantastic store with a HUGE range of keyboard instruments from pianos of all sizes to harpsichord and (electronic) organs. Calling it Manila "Pianos" doesn't give real justice to it. Best customer service in the industry so far, not arrogant nor high-nosed like Tom Lee or Yamaha (kudos to Mr.Willem). Added plus are those magnificent 7-9 footers and the Steinway D is a real gem to play!

Brian Chung, Piano Lover. 2015