Young Chang 118 Dark Walnut

Type: Upright Piano
Make: Young Chang
Color: Dark Walnut
Model: 118
Size: 47"
Year: 1990


Made by Yamaha for Young Chang.

In our store now. This piano is like new, with some nice detail decorations. In 1964 Yamaha and Young Chang entered into an agreement in which Yamaha helped Young Chang set up a full-fledged manufacturing operation. Yamaha shipped partially completed pianos from Japan to the Young Chang factory in Incheon, South Korea, where Young Chang would perform final assembly work such as cabinet assembly, stringing, and action installation. This arrangement reduced high import duties. 

These pianos are made in Korea under the umbrella of Yamaha. The Young Chang company are the original Made-in-Korea high quality pianos and... they cost a lot less than Yamaha or Kawai ! It's a very nice good sounding upright pianos that is imported by us. The tones are very nice and reminds one of a small grand piano. Young Chang pianos that are made in the Yamaha era last  for a long time and all other manufacturers have tried to copy it with variable success.

New Young Changs made in Korea are very expensive. The cheaper new Young Changs are now made in China, together with knock-offs like Pramberger. These pianos do not have the same quality and workmanship the Young Changs from the earlier days have. That is why a used Young Chang made in Korea makes sense to buy. A good used piano is better than a new one, because the wood is cured and therefore very stable. 

Young Chang is now wholly owned by Hyundai Development Company. (The car maker)

Young Chang is a Korean manufacturer of pianos and industrial wood working machinery, headquartered in Incheon, South Korea. Young Chang also currently holds 50% of the Korean piano market.

Young Chang has more than 2000 full time workers, designing and building its upright and grand pianos.  Young Chang also builds the electronic Kurzweil Music Systems.

Young Chang was founded in 1956 by three brothers, Jai-Young Kim, Jai-Chang Kim and Jai-Sup Kim. As South Korea emerged as a major economy and producer of high quality goods, Young Chang has also emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of quality pianos in the world. It produces and markets the Bergmann, Weber and Pramberger models.

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