Bosendorfer 214 22 ct gold & mother of pearl

Type: Grand Piano
Make: Bosendorfer
Color: 22 ct gold & mother of pearl
Model: 214
Size: 6’ 11"
Year: 1900

This ONE-OF-A-KIND  Bosendorfer Custom from 1900 is now rebuild like the picture. The entire grand piano is equiped with 22 carat gold plated and mother of pearl with special lay-in. Totally unique, no other one available in the world. To make a confidential appointment to see this grand piano please Gina Ronquillo, owner, on personal cell phone 0917.895.9330 or leave a message.


Bösendorfer pianos are truly amazing pieces of functional art. As one of the oldest piano manufacturers, the company was started in 1828 and by 1830 gained the status of official piano maker to the Emperor of Austria. They also hold the distinction of making one of the world's largest pianos, a 9' 6" 97 key Imperial Grand Piano. In this article, Tori refers to their second largest piano, the 9' 2" 88-key "280" model. Although a massive piano to bring on tour, like Tori many musicians dedicated to the Bösendorfer sound ship their pianos everywhere. It is a very unique, deep, rich tone that is due to every detail of the instrument being considered, such as using solid spruce on the rim for better sound transmission, along with a few other mechanisms designed to decrease tonal absorption and increase tuning stability. This may be why Tori finds the Bösendorfer so comfortable in a variety of climates. Sometimes referred to the Rolls Royce of grand pianos, it should come as no surprise that these instruments command a very high price. In fact, much like a classic Rolls Royce, some investment firms like Fisher Investments consider a Bösendorfer piano to be an investment or asset. Priced at between $80,000 to $200,000 for standard models (ones without history or provenance), many people have more invested in their house!

For over 50 years the Model 214 has been one of our most popular and widely used models. Its soundand dynamics unfold in a concert hall as well as in your living room. One couldwrite a great deal about its outstanding build quality, its stability anddurability. There are many facets that characterize this piano unmistakably asa Bösendorfer. It is also its smooth, easy to control and very responsive action that makes it so popular, and for music schools and conservatories so attractive. But surely above all it’s the sound - that famous, inspiring Bösendorfer sound. It is a stunning piano.


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