Mason & Hamlin CC Polished Ebony

Type: Grand Piano
Make: Mason & Hamlin
Color: Polished Ebony
Model: CC
Size: 9’ 4"
Year: New


Meet the Mason & Hamlin CC-94, a magnificent concert grand piano measuring 9'4". Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and durability, it is widely regarded as the best constructed piano globally.

What's astonishing is that this remarkable instrument comes at a price lower than that of a new Steinway Baby Grand Model 'S'. Isn't that unbelievable?

In our opinion, concert grands are like the Formula 1 of pianos, where companies invest their utmost efforts in technology, materials, and workmanship to showcase their finest creations to the world. During this year's NAMM show, I had the privilege of playing the newly released CC-94 concert grand from Mason & Hamlin.

What caught us off guard was the piano's responsiveness. While we expected it to possess a beautiful sound and playability, this piano exceeded my expectations in both aspects. The design of this instrument is truly a game-changer in terms of how it reacts to your playing.

The CC, the first concert grand introduced by an American piano manufacturer in fifty years, has become a formidable new star on the concert stage. It has received accolades for its immense power, as well as its sensitive and responsive action. With the CC, you can produce an array of colors, shadings, and textures, all with extraordinary clarity. Whether accompanying the most delicate performer or cutting through a full symphony orchestra, the CC never sounds harsh. From its thunderous bass to its bell-like treble, this piano is perfect for a wide range of musical genres and repertoire.

Each CC is meticulously handcrafted in limited numbers, using only the finest materials available worldwide. It exemplifies the artistry of piano making. Notably, it features a massive rim design, wide body, oversized soundboard, and double Tension Resonators. These elements ensure that the CC maintains its brilliant tonal characteristics throughout its lifespan. No other concert grand offers these essential features for long-lasting durability.

The CC is available in classic ebony satin, ebony polish, and rosewood finishes. As always, Mason & Hamlin pianos are proudly made in America.

Here are the specifications for the CC model:
- Length: 9 ft 4 in (284.5 cm)
- Width: 64.44 in (163.7 cm) (measured at the keyboard of the piano)
- Rim: Hard Rock Maple
- Rim Thickness: Inner 2.375 inches (60 mm), Outer 1.375 inches (35 mm), Total 3.75 inches (95 mm)
- Plate: Sand Cast Gray Iron Full Perimeter
- Soundboard: White Spruce Perimeter Taper (customized for each model)
- Soundboard size: 3645.5 square inches

The Mason & Hamlin CC 9'4" impresses in every aspect a piano can be judged: tonal clarity, pitch consistency, touch responsiveness, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Not to mention, it holds the title of being the largest production grand piano in the world! This piano is capable of producing grand sonorities and the most delicate, soft whisperings. Its superior and highly sensitive action makes it suitable for pianists of all skill levels, while its timeless beauty and classic design complement any decor, from traditional to modern. If you wish to compare this piano with other Mason & Hamlin or Steinway models,..."

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