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Pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos and organs is all we do. 

  • You can check all our piano brands side by side in our huge 600 sq. meter store, no one telling you which one is best and trashing the competition.
  • We sell our STEINWAYS and YAMAHAS for less than half of the new price.  
  • We import PEARL RIVER PIANOS,best priced and most sold pianos in the world.
  • No quality compromises and no falsified pianos here!
  • Best warranties in the country.
  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Piano rental department.
  • In house moving, packing, delivery and technical staff.
  • Steinway piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • Asia's  best selection of pianos and grands.
  • World wide delivery.
  • Free shuttle service from within MANILA area. 

Best service anywhere, so why go anywhere else!

Used Pianos by ManilaPianos.Inc

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People come to our store or call us to purchase a new piano all the time, not realizing the benefits of a used piano. Most people seem to think that a used piano is the same as a used car, however the opposite is true. Used pianos have not been exposed to accidents, like used cars, and therefore are a very good option.

The labor factor.

Good pianos are barely made any longer. Most pianos that are new are manufactured off shore in developing countries where the labour is cheap and quality control is often very bad.

The building cost factor.

The price of good materials always goes up, therefore these days there are a lot of low quality parts used in most new pianos.

The end result.

As pianos are made of two components only, if one of the two is not up to par, the sound will suffer. If both are not up to par, there will be a piano that looks like a piano but with poor construction and the  piano will sound bad and it will not last long.

The climate factor.

Older used pianos, from before 1970, were often exposed to rough conditions as people didn't have climate control in their houses and insulation was non existent. Pianos made after 1970 have been built well and with minimum exposure to rough conditions as the houses became well insulated and climate controlled.

The depreciation factor.

New pianos are often sold at a 40% mark up. This means the moment you walk out of the store after purchasing a new piano you lose half of the value as the dealer will not buy the piano back as used where they can purchase a new one for say, 10% more.

The cure factor.

All pianos have wood, older ones have lots of good wood and even new ones have it, altough sometimes hard to find. New pianos have more problems than used ones, because wood needs to cure and will expand and contract for some 10-20 years. A 15-25 year old piano therefore is ideal as the piano is very stable and usually well built.

The investment factor.

A good used piano can be had for around 50% of the price of a new one and will therefore not depreciate like a new piano. As a matter of fact, after a little while the piano will start to appreciate in value if take care of.

Old used pianos.

Used pianos from before 1970 that have been exposed to extreme heat or dryness need rebuilding. This, of course, also counts for used pianos made after 1970 that have been exposed to one of these factors. Sometimes, considering the brand name and other factors like sentimental value, it is a good idea to rebuild the piano, but usually it's grand pianos only. We at ManilaPianos Inc.  have rebuilt a lot of Steinways.

The warranty factor.

Although used pianos might be half the cost of a new piano, it is still a lot of money. A long warranty on parts and labour should therefore be expected and requested by you, the customer. This also counts for rebuilding jobs.

Good new pianos.

There are good new pianos out there! New German pianos made in Germany, Japanese pianos made in Japan and American pianos made in America are usually very good.

Good used pianos.

German, Japanse, American and Korean pianos from between 1970 and 2000, made in the country of origin are sometimes very good.