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Pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos and organs is all we do. 

  • You can check all our piano brands side by side in our huge 600 sq. meter store, no one telling you which one is best and trashing the competition.
  • We sell our STEINWAYS and YAMAHAS for less than half of the new price.  
  • We import PEARL RIVER PIANOS,best priced and most sold pianos in the world.
  • No quality compromises and no falsified pianos here!
  • Best warranties in the country.
  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Piano rental department.
  • In house moving, packing, delivery and technical staff.
  • Steinway piano rebuilding center with use of genuine parts.
  • Asia's  best selection of pianos and grands.
  • World wide delivery.
  • Free shuttle service from within MANILA area. 

Best service anywhere, so why go anywhere else!

New Pearl River Upright and Grand Pianos, WORLD'S BEST SELLING PIANO.

ManilaPianos Inc. got lucky!  We are the only dealer in the Philippines to sell this line of wonderful quality upright and  grand pianos made by the largest Piano factory in the world with a world wide production of some 130,000 units per year!  Although you might not know much about this company, here are some facts:









Pearl River 48' Upright Professional Piano


                                                                                       Pearl River Baby Grand Piano

  • Pearl River is the most selling piano in USA.
  • Pearl River now builds pianos for ...... STEINWAY!
  • Pearl River built pianos for YAMAHA for 12 years!
  • Top-of-the-line features, compare with almost all same quality pianos that sell for 200% to 300% more.
  • Even the smallest Pearl River Baby Grand piano gives the visual impression of a full size piano – not a “toy look” like most Asian grands.
  • The width of outer rim of Pearl River Grand Pianos is a full ½” thicker than a top-selling Japanese brand piano.
  • Pearl River Pianos and Grands have a European look with Steinway-style appearence.
  • The Pearl River Pianos have a wonderfully light, fast action that is created by Lothar Thomma, also designer of Steingraber German Pianos.
  • Pearl River Pianos use German parts, felts and hammers  for a rich, mellow European tone, not a bright tone like Yamaha and other Asian pianos.
  • They feature two lid props – other entry level grands have only 1 lid prop (for example – Samick)
  • Pearl River Pianos look rich with a nice beveled edge on the lid – all other entry priced brands have no bevels on the lid.
  • Distinguished use of  felt on top of keys and iron plate, not “Christmas looking” colors like  the blue and green found on most other brands.
  • Pearl River tuning pins aren’t overly tight – easy for technician to tune yet provide very stable tunings.
  • All Pearl River Grand Pianos feature a sostenuto pedal – a design feature not found on entry level grand pianos.
  • Pearl River Pianos are priced to provide customers with the most piano value for the money ever seen in the industry!

Too good to be true? Come and convince yourself, Pearl River was chosen as the best acoustic line of pianos of the year for quality/price comparing by the USA dealers.

Pearl River Pianos (pictured is the factory) became very successful in Europe, the US and Canada and for a long time producted YAMAHA pianos! It is our opinion that, after some time, the piano will be accepted in The Philippines as a good alternative to rather bad Indonesian and Malaysia made imports and low quality Yamaha and Kawai used pianos.

Also visit www.pearlriverusa.com