Grotrian-Steinweg D Polished Ebony

Type: Grand Piano
Make: Grotrian-Steinweg
Color: Polished Ebony
Model: D
Size: 9’ 
Year: 1901


This Vintage Grotrian-Steinweg 9' grand piano is completely remanufactured by us, SEE PICS








including new base,
















new open face pin block,

















and a renewed action.

It was a 5 year project to restore the piano with a new original rocker action and this piano, made for chamber music plays and sounds delicate, classy and very inspiring.

This grand piano is the 3d nine foot grand ever manufactured by the German Grotrian factory and as far as we know, it is the only one that survived! There is a pencil written " nr3grotian" in the action which is carefully preserved by us.

This very special grand piano was built by Theodore Steinway, his name is engraved in the cast iron plate. Rebuilding this piano was quite an undertaking as all materials and drawing that could indicate what size parts were used were lost in WWII.

This marvelous Grotrian grand piano can presently be admired in our showroom and ready to be played for the discriminating musician or art collector. The grand piano is finished in polished ebony and features the original round legs and music desk. Please click the YouTube video to see the piano and hear the beautiful sound. Please call us at 905.625.1616 or email us for a special appointment.


COMMUNIQUE sent out 2010:

It is with intense pride that we herewith announce the successful completion of the 5 year project restoration by THE MUSIC GROUP INC, the proud owner of this VINTAGE GROTIAN-STEINWEG 9 foot concert grand piano, final adjustments made in August 2010.

The piano Is the Nr. 3 CONCERT GRAND PIANO ever made by GROTRIAN-STEINWEG in Germany and as far as we know the only surviving one! (Proof is original pencil written “Nr. 3 Grotrian” on the action inside of the piano, possibly written by THEODORE STEINWAY himself) and preserved by us.

This very special grand piano was completely designed and built in GERMANY by THEODORE STEINWAY , engraved in the cast iron plate!

After being in a barn somewhere in Europe before, during and/or after WW II, the grand piano came to the attention of Willem van Suijdam, the owner of The Music Group Inc, who decided to import it into Canada 7 years ago and start a restoration project.

Obviously some parts like agraffes were missing, other small parts, we estimate some 1000 of them, were lost over the years and had to be reproduced by The Music Group Inc. in cooperation with and the GROTRIAN factory in GERMANY, most parts reproduced to exact authenticity by hand, some one by one.

It was a very difficult and sometimes frustrating process as all information regarding the parts, their shapes and sizes as well as borings of the grand piano were destroyed in WW II.

The action in this grand piano is completely authentic and rebuilt according to the days it was designed by Theodore Steinway himself, he may not have known that over 100 years later this action would still be working just fine!

At the end, the 5 year project with all its ups and downs was 100 % worth it as we have a glorious product with an immense rich sound that people can enjoy for decades to come.