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Kawai KG 3/600 sold in 1 day

Type: Grand Piano Make: Kawai
Color: sold in 1 day Model: KG 3/600
Size: 6’ 1" Year: 1997

Precision-crafted by the master builders at Kawai’s renowned Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility, the 6'1" Model KG 3/600  is a Institutional  Grand of great tone and character. With an impressive combination of deep, rich tone and commanding power, it is an instrument worthy of the finest concert hall. For church or home, the KG 3/600 promises a wealth of exceptional performances filled with superb tonal elegance and authority.

This Kawai KG 3 is in mint shape and will perform really well if you are looking for a nice Japanese piano. The sound is different from a Yamaha as it is rounder and a little more " friendly" Come and check this one out if your budget doesn't allow you to purchase a new one. One more advantage about this piano: No plastic parts! You could say it is a Boston grand piano as Boston is a Kawai without plastic parts.  We also retail high end grand pianos including Steinway grand pianos.

Kawai piano has an amazing collection of elegant grands and upright  pianos featured in their beautiful  website. Kawai has made beautiful high-quality musical instruments. Their reputation worldwide, as piano artists and makers, is still intact.

Founded by Koichi Kawai, the company has successfully merged the art of classical piano making with today’s newest digital technology. Their new digital pianos are made with the same perfection as their magnificent predecessors. These items may be purchased online with the security of knowing that the Kawai family will process your order and ship your Kawai piano with the same dedication and honor used to design it.

The Kawai piano has long been known for its passionate artistic flare in piano-making.  Crafted by the distinguished artisan, this unique piano has been hailed as one the best pianos ever made . Wonderfully and precisely designed, the Kawai piano is known for its detailed physical beauty along with its amazing sound. The ingenious handiwork of the creator has made this icon of a piano a thing of art, to be embraced for all time.

The special thing about a Kawai piano is that it’s a work of love. Each part is made from carefully chosen materials, long tested and admired for the beauty and strength of tones delectable to the ear. The piano sings as much as any lyric. The new digital pianos have the same heart. The soul of the instrument makes it come alive. The sound creates an aura of the spirit of the Kawai family, lovers of piano-making.

Kawai piano honors the musician and the listener in the tradition and honor of the wonderful Japanese culture. Each piano bears the sacred devotion of its makers, a testimony to the passion and love of piano-making. The dream of its founder is alive and continues to grow.

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