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Pearl River 150 Baby Grand White

Type: Grand Piano Make: Pearl River
Color: White Model: 150 Baby Grand
Size: 4’ 11" Year: New


CHOSEN BY THE MUSIC DEALERS OF USA as BEST PIANO IN THE WORLD 2015! (MODEL GP 150 is indicated as GP 148 on the actual GRAND piano)


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The Pearl River Story

Did you know that the Pearl River Piano Group owns the largest piano factory in the world? The Pearl River factory shipped approximately 100,000 pianos around the globe in 2015, resulting in the brand becoming the world’s most selected acoustic piano by unit volume. With a capacity to produce over 100,000 pianos a year Pearl River exports to more than 80 countries all over the world. In North America alone, Pearl River started with nothing in 1999 and now has the country’s largest dealer network and is the fastest-growing piano company in the U.S. and Canada. It’s a piano success story that began in 1956 with a tiny piano company producing four upright pianos a month.

Quality Without Compromise

Many factors have contributed to the dramatic growth of Pearl River over the last 50 years: a tradition of manufacturing expertise, a loyal and skilled work force, extremely favorable overall production costs. Pearl River has focused its efforts on improving quality at every step in the production process. More than 250 engineers and technicians are focused on machine design and equipment management with separate divisions dedicated to product design and technology. And the resulting success has been spectacular on every level.

Leading Consultants From Around The World

Pearl River understood the value of importing foreign expertise to improve both design and production methods. Major capital investments began in the 90’s when Pearl River constructed a new five-story, one-million-square-foot factory. Pearl River invested in numerically controlled machines from Germany, Italy and the U.S. to produce all the company’s key and action parts. They also installed air conditioning to keep humidity levels constant.

Finest Woods From Forest To Finished Cabinets

Experts contend that the key to a quality piano rests with the selection and processing of quality woods. Pearl River has access to vast wood reserves where Manchurian Walnut and other hardwoods vital to the construction of fine pianos can be harvested and processed. Pearl River has constructed a state-of-the-art sawmill and lumberyard that takes raw lumber and transforms it into perfectly cured and crafted piano components.

ISO Certified For Quality, Efficiency And Environmental Standards

And despite the tremendous growth in efficiency and production, Pearl River maintains the highest quality standards. In 1998 the company was awarded the International Standards Organization ISO 9001 Certification for its complete line of grand and vertical pianos, including all parts and components. In July of 2007, the company was also awarded ISO 14001 which certifies compliance with international environment standards. Both ISO certifications are awarded by an independent auditing organization following a lengthy audit of quality systems ranging from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing systems, assembly procedures, and customer service. Pearl River is the first piano company in China to receive this independent certification for quality, efficiency and environmental standards.

OEM Manufacturer For The World’s Most-Respected Brands

Pearl River’s consistent high quality and world-wide reputation has fostered strong relationships with prestigious American, Japanese and German piano makers. Pearl River factories have participated in joint venture projects with other leading piano makers and currently produce private label pianos for the three top piano retailers in North America.

Created by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma, this magnificent grand piano incorporates the very latest in music design and technology. Re-engineered 

Specifications: GP 148

Action: Manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship in one of the most modern action factories in the industry. Constructed either of traditional hard rock maple or hornbeam, all-wood action components are processed by CNC machinery, creating perfectly matched parts and ensuring sensitive performance.
Action Rail: Extruded aluminum.
Beams: Oversized Manchurian walnut for stiffness and strength.
Bridges: Vertically laminated with solid maple cap creating the accurate and precise transfer of 
sound frequency vibration resulting in a purer sound.
Dampers: Premium damper felt, providing precision, greater musical expression and durability.
Fallboard: Slow close style.
Hardware: Solid brass.
Hammers: Renner hammers.
Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce.
Key Material: Premium Spruce, select straight grain with genuine ebony wood sharps.
Middle Pedal: Full Sostenuto.
Pinblock: 19 cross-plied laminations of hard rock maple, cold pressed and age cured to provide tuning pin stability.
Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed.
Scale: Design by Lothar Thomma with tuned, functional duplex.
Soundboard: Solid spruce – hand selected for color and grain.
Strings: German Röslau wire, copper wound bass strings.
Tuning Pins: Nickel plated steel, cut-thread.
Warranty: 3 year parts and labor.
Length: 4 feet 10 inches
Weight: 732 pounds (Boxed, including bench)

*Models and specifications subject to change.

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